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Local Recycling & Scrapping Center In Lakeland, FL

Allied Scrap Processors is a full-service metal recycling and scrapping facility conveniently located in Lakeland, FL. As an important part of this community, we are committed to improving the environmental stability of the environment. Our recycling services reduces the amount of waste discarded in landfills and also helps to deliver quality metal products for everyday uses all over the world.

Some of the items we recycle includes:

  • Tin Metal
  • Prepared Steel
  • Unprepared Non- Galvanized Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-Ferrous metal
  • Motors
  • Automobiles
  • Cell Phones
  • Batteries
  • Greenboards
  • High Grade Boards
  • Mother Boards
  • And More

We also offer pick service for some of your major industrial sized items. We have the safest truck fleets in the industry ready to scoop up all the items and transport the straight to our facility to be recycled and reused.

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Recycling your unwanted metals and electronic items is the best way to keep the environment safe and clean from hazardous contaminants. It also lowers the production costs for metal and electronic manufactures. Our metal recycling plant has all the right equipment and well trained staff to get you in and out in no time.

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Allied Scrap Processors

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